Net4farming is the business network for wireless communication in farming!
The network consists of specialists in wireless and farming, helping farmers to connect their farms and the farming industry to develop innovative connected services. Together we enable digital transformation in farming!

The most important enabler for digital transformation in farming is knowledge! Our specialists provide knowledge based on senior experience in their field of work. We deliver speeches, seminars, workshops, concept studies, system design reviews and project management.

Common knowledge topics
– Why should I invest in fixed broadband to my farm?
– How could wireless connectivity solve everyday problems in my business?
– What is IoT and how can farming benefit from it?
– How can the food and farming industry use digital solutions to make a better world?
– Will 5G be the solution for all connectivity in farming?
– Which connectivity solution shall I use for my system design?

When there is knowledge about what digital solutions can do, there must be reliable internet connectivity to enable products and services to be online! Our specialists can deliver systems, products and installation of a wide range of wireless connectivity solutions.

– Fixed broadband to farms
– Mobile networks
– Wi-Fi and local networks.
– Satellite broadband
– Sensor networks (LoRa, NBIoT, Sigfox …)

Benefits for the farmer with reliable connectivity
– Make phone and video calls with or without operator coverage. (Wi-Fi)
– Watch fuel tanks, machines, animals and other assets with cameras.
– Monitor dryers, milking robots, feeding systems and others, remotely.
– Use cloud services and apps to manage everyday business.

Benefits for the farming industry with reliable connectivity
– Possibility to develop new business models.
– Possibility to deliver innovative digital services.
– Remote monitor fleets and user behavior, to improve products and services.
– Ability to give the end user better service, support and overall experience.

Wi-Fi networks
One very important thing is to use already existing connections with its full potential. Fiber broadband is often installed close to the doorstep and it often ends there! By extending the fiber with wireless solutions, it is possible to get real value! net4farming Wi-Fi brings your existing broadband beyond the doorstep, with Wi-Fi to all places on the farm where you need internet access!

Fredrik Stark
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The net4farming business network is based on commercial cooperation in a partner community, providing true benefits for farmers. The community includes farmers, farming advisors, machinery suppliers, wireless specialists, network specialists, telecom operators, and more.
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